David Hockney on my iPad

David Hockney's Web site and iPhone art

One of my most memorable visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art was in the late 80’s early 90’s when David Hockney’s “swimming pools” series was the talk of the town. I most loved his use of acrylic paints in a highly realistic style and the subject matter that appeared to me as somewhat voyeuristic.

Today, at age 73, he creates digital art using the brushes app on his iPhone and most recently on an iPad. His embrace of technology warms my heart and resonates with my desire to accept changes brought on by technology.

“I have got an iPad, what a joy! Van Gogh would have loved it, and he could have written his letters on it as well.” – David Hockney

I used to dream of one day owning a Hockney now I daydream of getting a text from him- digital work attached. : ) Check out his iPhone creations and enjoy.